The pupils will be thrilled if snow arrives but it may cause one or two problems. We will always do everything we can to remain open during snowy weather; however, the safety and well-being of our children and staff are of utmost importance to us and any decision to close the school will be taken after we have considered the following:

  • are there enough staff members, including qualified first aiders – we may decide to open later to allow more time for staff and children to make their way into school safely;
  • are the school grounds sufficiently clear of snow/ice to be safe for access

Snowfall Overnight

If there is heavy snowfall overnight, we will need to decide whether it is safe to open the school. We will do everything possible to make our decision by 7:30am. If we decide not to open, we will:

  • send you a text message
  • send an email 
  • update the school website  – we will post updates from 07.00 hours

Breakfast and Afterschool clubs will be cancelled in the event of snow. 

Snowfall during the School Day

If there is heavy snowfall during the school day, we will contact parents/carers via our various communication channels to let them know if the school is closing earlier than usual and ask them to arrange for their child to be picked up.

Members of school staff who live in vulnerable geographical areas will be invited to go home at the safest opportunity.

Grounds Safety in Snow

In the event of heavy snowfall, the caretaker will try to ensure a clear pathway into school via the hall and infant playground and grit the cleared area.  We will clear the main entrance first, including the car park.

Snow Play

We understand the enjoyment that snow brings and believe that children should be allowed to play outside during snowy conditions, as long as school safety guidelines are followed.

The Principal will decide whether to allow the children to play outside during snowy weather and will arrange for extra supervision in the playgrounds where necessary.  So that they can safely enjoy snow play, children must be dressed warmly. Please send your child to school with warm, waterproof clothing and Wellington boots. Please clearly mark your child’s name on all boots (as with all clothing etc brought into school). Your child’s class teacher will show the children where to keep their boots during the school day.

Planning Ahead – Please have the school phone number with you at all times and ensure that the school has your mobile phone number on record.