Year 6 have just finished a fantastic week at Whitgift Secondary School! Throughout the whole week all 30 children travelled to Whitgift to take full advantage of the great facilities and teachers.

The students were based in an ICT suite and everyday had at least two hours’ worth of ICT and computing where the children were introduced to brand new equipment and software. The lessons included using micro bit, PowerPoint, Go-Robo, Sound Lab, i-movie, stop motion movies (using ZU 3D) and using Photoshop to change their faces. Not only this, but the children were taught by a range of secondary school teachers in different subjects.

Within the science labs the children used Bunsen burners to test reversible and irreversible changes, in the sports hall the children played table tennis and in the music studios they were able to play different African drums. By far their favourite subject was Chinese and Japanese in which the children were able to explore their culture, look at inventions and even learn a song in Japanese!

The week allowed the students to have a great insight into what secondary school is like, getting them ready for their transition into secondary school after Courtwood.