Year 4 have been working hard in their maths lessons, learning how to calculate area of rectangular shapes. As part of their learning, the children were challenged to create robots formed from rectangular shapes, to travel to the moon on a space mission. Each piece of their robot had to measure a specified area. The children had great fun calculating, re-calculating and using their mathematical skills to make their robots perfect. Miss Eastmond then wrote to NASA, sharing the children’s work with them. We are delighted that NASA have replied with the following

Dear Students;
Thank you for your inquiry to NASA. NASA applauds your efforts and wishes you every success.  NASA wants you to know that your thoughts and ideas to further space exploration are important, and we hope that you will continue to learn all you can about NASA’s space programs, missions, and accomplishments. Just think – in a few years, you all could be one of the pioneers that may help lead the world’s activities for better understanding of our earth and for exploring space. For information about NASA’s Robotic Alliance Project visit: Again, thank you for your inquiry.  Your interest in NASA is appreciated.  NASA wishes you every success in earning good school grades and encourages you to keep reaching for the stars!

Public Communications Program

Year 4 were delighted to receive their reply and have been inspired to keep working hard in maths, understanding that their learning has real links to jobs in the wider world.