On Tuesday 27th November, Year 1 took a trip on the bus to The Arc Centre, Greenvale School. As part of our geography learning journey topic we are learning about hot and cold climates and how animals adapt to their surroundings. The Arc Centre provide a dessert climate, featuring a range of animals, such as Meercats, Bearded Dragons and Tortoises to name a few.

Louise and Ian at The Arc Centre were fantastic at engaging the children and introduced us to some of their animals. We met Tortuga the Tortoise who they had rescued from a family who weren’t feeding him a healthy diet and had caused his shell to become bumpy. Spikeball, the Pygmy Hedgehog was woken up from his sleep to say hello and we fed him meal worms. We also were able to hold a millipede and let him crawl over our hands. It felt really tickly. 

As well as the dessert climate we ventured outside when it had stopped raining to meet 3 Pygmy goats, Jean, Paul and Goatier! They were extremely cheeky and hungry and we were able to feed them their lunch.

The highlight of the day was being able to get in with the Meercats and have them run over us. We had to sit really still to make sure the Meercats felt safe to come and say hello. It was such a fun day.