Our staff have been working hard to ensure that the richness of our curriculum here at Courtwood is communicated through our curriculum aim and intent. We have looked at our Courtwood curriculum offer, thought about what makes Courtwood unique, and written our intent statements around each aspect of our unique curriculum. We believe the aspects of our curriculum offer that combine to make Courtwood unique are: the National Curriculum; our outdoor learning, Forest School and Edible Playground; Inclusion and our Enhanced Learning Provision; our Nurture programmes and support; RIPPLE; children taking responsibility and leadership roles; and enrichment opportunities such as clubs, trips and visitors.

Our Curriculum Aim is: Excellent Education for All.

Our Intent for our Curriculum at Courtwood is:

That Pupils:

  • learn the knowledge and skills required of them to be academically successful, building on their individual starting points.
  • value diversity and demonstrate tolerance, compassion and mutual respect to all members of the school and wider community, whilst developing the life-skills needed to unlock their potential.   
  • will develop, practice and apply a range of behaviours which equip them to be successful learners now and in the future.   
  • build their confidence, self-esteem and resilience, developing strategies which enable them to effectively safeguard their well-being.
  • understand and take responsibility for their influence in living healthy lifestyles, and supporting the planet to be sustainable, both now and in the future. 
  • have an awareness of their own impact on their future and how they can contribute positively to wider society.
  • access experiences and opportunities which develop aspirations and broaden the horizons of life-long learning.