This week the children of Courtwood have enjoyed a fabulous week long celebration of books! The children arrived on Monday to find the school full of mysterious lily pads. This provided an exciting start to book week as the school came together, using the illustrations in David Weiner’s book ‘Tuesday’ to piece together the mystery. The children then used the book as a stimulus for some fabulous writing and have worked with Mrs McCormack to create a lovely piece of artwork for the new KS1 reading area.

 On Wednesday we celebrated our love of books by dressing as our favourite characters. Children and teachers took part in a reading parade and the children loved sharing their book recommendations with their friends. The day ended with a whole school reading session, during which the children shared books with other children across the school. It was lovely to see the older and younger readers enjoying lots of stories together.

 Throughout the weeks lots of children visited our book fair and bought some new and exciting books to read. We raised lots of money, some of which we will now be able to put towards restocking our library with some of our favourite authors.

 The week has been a great success and we hope it has provided opportunities for children to discover new authors, rediscover old favourites and most of all inspired them to pick up a book and read for pleasure!