Year 6 have been given a fantastic opportunity to use the art resources and art studio at Croydon High. Every other Thursday year 6 will be travelling to Croydon High with the aim that eventually they will produce a fantastic art piece to celebrate Courtwood’s 50th Anniversary.

Each child has been given their own art book and are being taught by the art teachers from the secondary school. This week children started to plan their work and put together ideas for the final piece. They had to focus in on mood boards and pay particular attention to the artist Julian Opie – who we are basing our final piece around. The children discussed that one of the most important things about Courtwood are the pupils and teachers, they had to create a mind map around their own names thinking of words that they thought best described them. These ideas will then be used to inspire the final piece. 

We will keep you updated as the weeks go by!