Phonics is an important part of our children’s day at Courtwood. 

We follow the Letters and Sounds systematic phonics scheme of work and every child in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 receives a daily phonics lesson. Intervention work takes place for any children who are identified as finding phonics more difficult, or in danger of falling behind their peers. Phonics is taught in phases, with sounds introduced in a structured way, to enable children to make progress. At the end of Year 1, children are required to sit the National Phonics Screening Check, the results of which (pass or fail) are shared with parents.

Weekly phonics homework is set in Reception and year 1. Teachers record which sounds the children are working on in class so parents can support at home and are aware of the progress being made by their child. Decodable texts, which match the child’s phonic skill level, are also sent home to be shared between parents and child, and to encourage reading independently, applying phonic knowledge.

Our school phonics data is:
                            Courtwood      National
2017 -2018             75%                  82%
2016 – 2017            79%                  81%
2015 – 2016            84%                 81%

We also use the Song of Sounds Stages songs, to ensure children receive early exposure to alternative spellings for each sound.

How can Parents Help?
• Complete the weekly phonics homework
• Ensure you are reading with your child and encouraging a love of reading
• Read more challenging texts to your child – this exposes them to a broader vocabulary and allows them to become absorbed in a text
• Use the free online games from Phonics Play here to help consolidate phonic learning
• Attend workshops at school

If you are unsure of the correct pronunciation for each of the sounds (phonemes) you can click this link to ensure you are supporting your child effectively.