School Uniform

Please ensure all items are named. Hair accessories must be in uniform colours. Long hair must be tied back. Please CLICK HERE for full uniform list.

Book Bag

This should be in school each day. Please check it each evening for hard copies of any letters (most will be sent via email.) You could miss valuable information if you don’t.

Pencil Case

Please make sure it is a reasonable size to fit in a tray. Include: pencils, rubber, colouring pencils, 30cm clear ruler, calculator, handwriting pen and a glue stick.

Water Bottle

Please provide a plastic water bottle with your child’s name on it. We encourage children to have this with them and we can refill it at school. Only water is allowed, no additives please. You may also order cartons of milk for playtime.

Big Bags or Rucksacks

As our cloakrooms are so small, we ask you not to send these in. Packed lunch boxes should be of a reasonable size so that they fit on the shelf in the classroom.