Children at Courtwood are friendly, hard-working, confident and well-behaved. We celebrate success and like to reward positive behaviour. We use the following ways to do this:

Behaviour Stars

Class teachers award a Behaviour Star weekly in Merit Assembly to a child in their class who has consistently modelled outstanding behaviour. Children are able to nominate others in the class for the Behaviour Star.

Team Points

Every child is assigned a ‘team colour’ when they enter Reception class or join the school. (Red/Blue/Green/Yellow). Teachers can award team points during the week and add them to the team point box in their classroom. Team points are counted up each week by Year 6 and the winner announced weekly in Merit assembly. A winning team is announced at the end of the year.


Merits are selected by the class teacher and given out in Friday’s Family Merit Assembly. Teachers award approximately five merits weekly. These can be for good work, behaviour or kindness/helpfulness etc. Every child has a merit card in the colour of their ‘team’ that they collect their stickers on.

Wise Owls

At the end of every half term a ‘Wise Owl’ assembly is held. Two children per class are chosen by their teacher, to receive a Wise Owl award, for exceptional hard work and behaviour.


Class teachers will in the first instance deal with poor behaviour by speaking to the child and helping to guide them to correct decisions. Should the expectations for behaviour not be met, children will be directed to the Behaviour and Consequences Chart and an appropriate sanction issued.